Friday 18th May :

Studio Diabolo M° Kremlin-Bicêtre

- 20h00 : welcome
- 20h30-22h00 : initiation class with Marc and Carole (local dancers): introduction to basics to fully enjoy the party and the level 1 of the workshop
- 22h00-1h00 : welcome party 100% Blues dancing

Saturday 19th May :

Espace Danse Gambetta M° Gambetta

- 14h30 : welcome
- 15h00-18h00 : classes with Carla, Hugo, Nick, and Ilaria: levels 1 and 2 (2 rooms)


Studio des Rigoles M° Jourdain
- 21h45-2h30 : cool party 100% Blues dancing with Stefano Ronchi for the live session (see at the bottom of this page)

Sunday 20th May :

Espace Danse Gambetta M° Gambetta
- 14h00-17h00 : classes with Carla, Hugo, Nick, and Ilaria: Levels 1 and 2 (2 rooms)

Théâtre de verre, room "Giardino" M° Place des Fêtes :
- 17h30-20h00 : convivial practice 100% Blues dancing


Remarks :

- Water, sodas and candies will be at disposal during the social dancing

- During classes, come with your own water bottle

- All rooms are wooden floored; please, use dance shoes (with no high heel) or socks.


Initiation class (Welcome party):

You have no (or little) experience in Blues, or you want to revise the basics.


Level 1 (Workshop):

You have no experience in Blues, or you have attended some classes for a few months but you still do not feel confortable in Blues dancing, or you want to revise the basics as a follow or a leader.


Level 2 (Workshop):

You dance Blues on a regular basis for several months, you have attended some workshops, and, overall, you are confortable with every Blues connexion. Or you are a tango or lindy dancer for more than 3 years.

Session contents

Initiation class : basic steps and moves, different kinds of connexion, the "spirit" of Blues dancing: the starter kit to enjoy parties and be comfortable with the level 1 of the workshop.


The workshop :  A program where technique and communication will boost your easiness and the complicity of your dance !

Live with Stefano Ronchi

We are very happy to announce that Stefano Ronchi will be with us on the Saturday 19th May  party !!!


Stefano “Slidin’ Wolf” Ronchi is an Italian blues guitar player and singer living in Berlin. His way of composing and arranging is grounded in old black folklore music from the 20’s and 30’s, from Delta Blues and Piedmont Blues, through old Spirituals, stomp and “swamp” sounds.


Stefano performed in numerous countries, in Europe as well as in the USA. He played in Chicago with  Lurrie Bell and Billy Branch, performed in famous venues as the Blue Note (Milan) or the Buddy Guy Legend (Chicago). Recently, he was on the Tony Coleman's tour with the Henry Carpaneto Quintet.


For the Good Fellow Blues Sessions, Stefano has prepared 2 sets of pure slow and traditional Blues ! But if you ask him, I can tell you that he can also play some furious fast Blues ...


You want to listen to some Stefano's musics ? Here is the link to his web site