Session contents

Levels 1 and 2 (Workshop):

Between Blues and Tango-for-the-Blues, the choice of your level will be based on your experience in Blues, and also on your global level in other dances (tango, lindy, west coast swing, ballroom). When you register, we will ask you for details about your dance experience, and we will form the groups ourselves. Our goal is to create the most harmonious groups possible (and it will not be easy ;-)). You will be informed of your level 15 days before the course, knowing that we will be, of course, open to your remarks.


After analysis of all the effective dance level of attendants, we have updated the level description:

Level 1 (Roughly speaking):

You have between 1 and 4 years of Blues dancing, and on average, at least 2 years in Lindy or Tango. Half of you has followed international workshop.


Level 2 (Roughly speaking):

You have more than 4 years of Blues dancing, and 4 years either in Lindy, or Tango. You have attended international workshops.

Initiation class (Studio Diabolo): basic steps and moves, different kinds of connexion, the "spirit" of Blues dancing: the starter kit to enjoy parties and be comfortable with the level 1 of the workshop.


The workshop (Centre Momboye):  A program where technique and communication will boost your easiness and the complicity of your dance ! 2h of Traditional Blues with Agnieszka and Konrad, 2h of Tango for Blues with Yannick and Sandrine.


Class content:



Friday 5th April :

Studio Diabolo M° Kremlin-Bicêtre

- 20h00 : welcome
- 20h30-21h30 : initiation class with Marc and Audrey (local dancers): introduction to basics to fully enjoy the party and the level 1 of the workshop
- 21h30-1h15 : welcome party 100% Blues dancing

Saturday 19th May :


Espace Centre Momboye M° Gambetta, Jourdain, Pelleport

- 14h00 : welcome
- 14h30-18h30 : classes with Agnieszka and Konrad (traditionnal Blues), Sandrine  and Yannick (Tango for Blues) : levels 1 and 2 (2 rooms)


Studio des Rigoles M° Jourdain
- 21h45-2h30 : cool party 100% Blues dancing with Little Tom for the live session (see at the bottom of this page)



Sunday 20th May :

Bistrot des Pianos, M° Robespierre :
- 14h30-18h00 : convivial practice 100% Blues dancing in socks with

  René Miller et Dédé Macchabée for the live






Remarks :

- Water, sodas and candies will be at disposal during the social dancing at night. For the Sunday afternoon, bring your own water bottle. The bar will sell drinks.

- During classes, come with your own water bottle

- All rooms are wooden floored; please, use dance shoes (with no high heel) or socks. On Sunday, the wooden floor is so nice that the owner of the venue require that we dance in socks.

Saturday live with Little Tom


We are very happy to announce that Little Tom from Nantes will be with us for the live session of the Saturday party, April 6th !!!


Passionate by the Blues in all its forms, Little Tom solo 'one-man band' with guitar-harmonica-stompbox reborns the atmosphere of the Juke Joints of the South of the United States by interpreting, among its own Folk-Blues songs, the Mississippo Blues, and borrowing from some traditional titles from the African-American artists who shaped this music.


For the Good Fellow Blues, he made us 2 sets of pure slow and traditional Blues !

Want to know Tom better ? Here is the link to the FB event.


Sunday live with René and Dédé



"René and Dédé, it's a five year project, but first a long history of friendship and mutual esteem between these two experienced artists, forged over more than a decade of encounters in cabarets of Montreuil and reciprocal attendance of their concerts. On the one hand, René, from Louisiana, a guitarist which the heart and feet stopped in France about fifteen years ago, but whom gibberish voice and "resonator guitar" still sweat the dust of the "crossroads" of his Deep South.


On the other, Dede, a wonderful and fantastic painter, just coming out the Montparnasse from the inter-war period, with ukuleles of a metronomic precision, a soprano strained and purified by her daily, almost monastic, vocal work of the key pieces of the swing, and old-time blues.


Together, these two old chaps are on all the scenes, from the prestigious festivals to the alleys of Montmartre. They put themselves at the service of the great repertoire blues years 30 to 50, which they practice with intimacy and a smiling ease rare in France. Do not hesitate to ask them for their own compositions, because René as Dédé are also master songwriters, with a serious even creaking spirit for the first, an incisive and light mood for the second. "


Yves Dorémieux (alias Ratel, Raw Blues)