Why these Blues sessions ?

As many things, the idea of holding the Good Fellow Blues Sessions (GFBS) came from meetings: meeting two special dancers (Carla Frade and Marta Martinho) in particular, meeting with the Blues dance community in general.  At some festivals, I had the pleasure to dance with Carla and Marta, who even if they were already amazing dancers were nonetheless approachable, joyful, and eager to share about Blues dancing.  They were not Blues dance teachers yet, but could have brought so much to any dancer community ! During these festivals, the Blues community appeared to me so rich, with so many talents, that the idea for holding a week-end and putting together these talents, hidden or internationally acclaimed, arose.

In 2017, Carla and Marta, now Blues dance teachers, agreed, with their dance partners Joao and Daire, to come and share their knowledge during the 1rst Good Fellow Blues Sessions. And thanks again to the many attendees of this first edition for sharing dance, technique, and simplicity: we were about sixty good fellows in April under the sign of cheerfulness.

It was such a mix of good vibs, learning, talking, and good music that the 2nd edition of the GFBS was inevitable. Marta once told me about a teacher couple that she really appreciates for their energy, technique and kindness. I had the pleasure to attend Nick and Ilaria' classes in London... Marta, as usual, was right! And we are truly lucky, since Nick and Ilaria have accepted to come with us in 2018. Carla, always full of energy, will come again, and this year, her dance partner will be Hugo, Blues dance teacher in Lisbon... a lot of good vibs to come !!!

So why the Good Fellow Blues Sessions ? To dance Blues, and share the talent that we all have !

 Marc, organizer.