The venues

Studio Diabolo

Ecole de danse Kim Kan

Espace de danse Gambetta

64 rue Orfila Paris 20e

Nearest metro station: M° Gambetta Ligne 3

site web :

Studio des Rigoles

46 rue des rigoles Paris 20e

Nearest Métro station : M° Jourdain Ligne 11

site web :

Théâtre de verre

Salle "Giardino"

12 Rue Henri Ribière 75019 Paris

Nearest métro station : M° Place des Fêtes Ligne 11

site web :


  • Shoes: all rooms are wooden floored, so we ask you to use dance shoes (no high heel) or socks
  • The play lists for the parties will be traditional Blues and fusion Blues with a preference for traditional
  • We prefer slow rythm for Blues, and we will ask our DJs to play not many "fast blues"


You can contact us:

  • by email:
  • by post : Association TenDanses, 51bis rue de beaujeu, 94100 St-Maur-des-Fossés, France

You can follow the event on Facebook:



We thank our partners in this beautiful adventure that are the Good Fellow Blues Sessions

  • our association and its board, without whom nothing would be possible: Association Ten Danses
  • le Studio Diabolo and Jean-Jacques
  • l'Ecole de danse Kim Kan
  • le théâtre de Verre and Maria
  • HelloAsso allow us to propose the payment on line. If you use this option, you will be proposed to donate to HelloAsso. You can accept or decline. If ever we make some profits with this event, we commit ourself to donate to to HelloAsso to thank them.