Our good fellow DJs

Ingrid (Paris) :



DJ since 2016 thanks to Nathalie Scott who trusted her to entertain a few hours of the Paris Blues Exchange, Ingrid kept on with the musical animation of the Blue’z Me parties.


She fell into the blues and the soul, as a youngster cradled by BBKing and Nina Simone at home, and continued through piano practice. It's more recently that she discovered that blues could be danced and wanted to share her favorite lists with dancers.


She will make you discover bluesy covers of famous hits and particularly appreciate the warm sound of New Orleans.



Andréas (Paris) :


A regular dancer and DJ of the blues scene in Paris, where he lives, dances, works, and occasionally sleeps, Andréas'goal when behind the booth is to bring happiness to the dance floor and to inspire you to connect with your partner and the music. A blues addict since 2012, he loves diversity and strives to play all kinds of songs that will make your body move in creative ways, and what he enjoys above all else are those slow, emotional, intense songs that will give you goosebumps and make you crave for more.

Michel (Paris) :


Multi-faceted dancer for years, amateur for a long time of swing music, Michel practiced the lindy, the balboa, and more recently the blues. Rich of all these universes, and opened to all kind of musics, he is now known to have participated many times in the animation of parties for these three dances. He is always careful about the musical richness of his DJ choices for the dancers.


Cathi (Paris):


Her discovery of the Blues has changed her vision of dance. That's why she first wanted to share this new passion by helping to grow the Paris scene with her friends of La Belle Blues. To make others dance to various musics is, for Cathi, a pleasure and a privilege


Hélène (Paris):


She has always loved blues music, its rhythm, its story and its performers. It's after a trip to Memphis and Chicago in 2017 that she started dancing Blues ! Being a DJ also allows her to live that music even more intensely and intimately. She has a special love for traditional blues with musicians like Robert Johnson, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy. She has great admiration for Nina Simone. She will also offers you  some fusion nuggets which, she hopes, will make you vibrate!